Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast Trailer 2020 Disorderly Blondes Autism PODCAST

South Florida moms, Kristi and Brenda, candidly discuss MOTHERHOOD & AUTISM while balancing heels and cocktails on this podcast. Never a dull moment.  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/disorderlyblondes/support
  1. Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast Trailer 2020
  2. S3 E 32 Mourning Alejandro: The Impact of Filicide on the Autism Community
  3. S3 E31 Autism Sibling, Uncensored
  4. S3 E30 Miami’s Spectrum Law interviews Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast
  5. TRAILER: Welcome to our AUTISM world


2020 S3 E32 The Filicide of Alejandro: The Impact of Filicide on the Autism Community Show Notes

2020 S3 E31 Autism Sibling, Uncensored Show Notes

2020 S3 E30 Spectrum Law Interviews the Disorderly Blondes 

2020 S3 E29 ASD Quarantine     

2020 S3 E28 Meet the F•R•I•E•N•D•S (Part 2)     

2020 S3 E27 The Friendship Café       

2020 S3 E26 This is Improv     Show Notes

2019 S2 E25 Unwrapped, Unraveled, & Unscripted      Show Notes

2019 S2 E24 The Papis’ Takeover: Tears, Fears, and Holiday Cheer     Show Notes

2019 S2 E23 PLAY Time with Dr. Jennie     Show Notes

2019 S2 E22 Let’s Get Physical     Show Notes

2019 S2 E21 On Brand Blondes     Show Notes

2019 S2 E20 Therapeeds: Brainy in Davie     Show Notes

2019 S2 E19 ¡Trico Tri!     Show Notes

2019 S2 E18 Guardianship & Gold Diggers     Show Notes

2019 S2 E17 Whirls & Squirrels     Show Notes

2019 S2 E16 C’mon Get HAAPE     Show Notes

2019 S2 E15 Back to Cool     Show Notes

2019 S1 E14 Que Calor!(Summer Bonus Episode)

2019 S1 E13 The Papis    Show Notes

2019 S1 E12 Going to Town (of Miami Lakes)    Show Notes

2019 S1 E11 Literallllly Virtual     Show Notes

2019 S1 E10 A Few of Our Favorite Things   Show Notes

2019 S1 E9 Legally (Non) Blonde    Show Notes

2019 S1 E8 We Got The Beat    Show Notes

2019 S1 E7 Flip the Script    Show Notes

2019 S1 E6 The Sweet Spot    Show Notes

2019 S1 E5 #WWDBD    Show Notes

2019 S1 E4 The Smoking Gun     Show Notes

2019 S1 E3 Holidazed & Confused      Show Notes

2019 S1 E2 The D Word     Show Notes

2019 S1 E1 Welcome to Disorderly Blondes    Show Notes