The LOVELY Dr. Jennie Troccio is an autism educator, consultant, DIR/Floortime provider, and founder of Autism Education and Development Solutions. She teaches the South Florida blondes that kicking off one’s heels can be the key to reaching children AND families dealing with autism. They hope she’s right! ¡Pata sucias, unite!

Dr. Jennie can be found on IG @drjenniet, on Facebook @Autism Education and Development Solutions, and

Kristi, Brenda, and Dr. Jennie Trocchio

Connect and Play Dr. Jennie’s GENIUS celebration of autism awareness inclusive of all families on the spectrum; learn more about this April event as well as her autism family field trips by following Autism Education and Development Solutions on Facebook

an unsuspecting narwhal attends Dr. Jennie’s Developmental Community Holiday Party
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DIRFloortime DIR is the Developmental, Individual-differences, & Relationship-based model; DIRFloortime® (Floortime) is the application of the DIR model into practice; learn how Dr. Jennie puts “following a child’s lead” and “joining a child’s world” into practice at

FIU aka I’ll just go to FIU Florida International University, aka the greatest school Miami has ever seen, is where both Brenda and Kristi went to college; the blondes hear there may be another university in Miami pero no sabemos

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P-L-A-Y (if you play with me) Perhaps 80’s group Planet Patrol’s most celebrated verse; Play at Your Own Risk may be one of the top 5 rollerskating songs of all time (according to pro skater Kristi)

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Play at Your Own Risk (or we’ll be through!)

The P.L.A.Y. Project an evidence-based, intensive, autism early intervention that is parent implemented and designed to engage children during play; Dr. Jennie’s research included a collaboration with the project’s director, Dr. Rick Solomon and uses it as a model for her approach; the blondes love Dr. Jennie’s thoughts about observing a child’s attention and intention during play

RDI an approach to reaching children with ASD similar to DIRFloortime; uses a “guided participation relationship” model with strong focus on utilizing nonverbal cues

Shit Miami Girls Say ¡HELLO! knowledge of this YouTube video is key in understanding why blondes interrupt their guests every 3 seconds with a Miami-ism; sorry Dr. Jennie the blondes’ INTENTION was to interview you, irregardless their ATTENTION is often SUPER fleeting; just to clarify: I’ll just go to FIU is a compliment; ¡BAAAAABE!

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pictured: Kristi, la pata sucia