Motivational Autism Speakers and Presenters

Why go blonde?

We blondes can speak; this goes without saying. Ha! What you may not know is that there is a need for our motivational blonde-speak. Here’s why: we are first and foremost moms. A mother’s perspective is invaluable, and 1 in 54 of us have insight into a world few will truly understand. No doctor, teacher, therapist, nor father (no matter how amazing) walks in our autism mom heels (you’re welcome, dads). As pristine as they may appear, our stilettos have been around the block a few times. The balancing act is a b****, but we are still standing. Why? Because we are friends and have one another to lean on, not to mention drink and shop with- but who said therapy was cheap?

Our children’s ages speak to the years of hell, oops we mean challenges we helped them tackle and number of milestones we cheered them through. It isn’t lost on us that our special needs children face similar fates even as they sit (in protest, we believe) in two very different places on the spectrum.

These facts alone, albeit sucky, make us experts. If you don’t believe us, listen to just one episode of our autism podcast, or peek at a sampling of our other activities on our media page. If nothing else, we can, as we do every time we sit down to record our show, relate. Some may even say we entertain and inspire. We call that the ultimate compliment.

What to Say?


Once we finish complimenting deserving audience members on their hair, handbag, and obviously their speaking engagement choice, we get right to topic. Our style is approachable, candid, and effective. If you’ve met us, you know we’re great at sticking to it. Also, our jokes are great (lies…lies) but believe us when we say we’re prepared to discuss with your group:

An Autism Diagnosis- Great, Now What?

Carving Out ME Time

Autism Bites: Autism and Dining Out

Celebrating The Typical in Atypical Ways (birthday parties, holidays)

How You Can Make Your Business / Restaurant / Workplace Autism Friendly

Navigating Family & Friendships

Oh Brother (or Sister!): Sibling Relationships

PTOing and Volunteering and Carpooling OH MY!

Staying Married While Raising a Child(ren) With Special Needs

Supporting A Neighbor or Friend: Tips

Take Us Away: Autism and Travel

Therapies That Don’t Feel Like Therapies (i.e., dance, improv)

What Your Employee / Autism Parent Faces On His/Her “Off” Hours

Is Talk Cheap?

Fee schedule:

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What More Can We Say?

Lots. Just ask us how we can cater to your specific audience. Rubias for hire. Shocking but also true, we can read and write as well.

Finally, don’t just take our word for it. The reviews are in. Here are a few:

Lots of laughs ☆☆☆☆☆ These ladies are amazing! They are constantly making me laugh(while talking about serious topics)??? Not sure exactly how they do that but I’m so impressed. I could listen to these ladies all day. Super educational and very entertaining.

Keeping it Real ☆☆☆☆☆ Love the hosts! They approach each issue with a sense of humor as they navigate through the complicated and important topic of being a parent of a special needs child. The ladies reflect upon and share experiences in a fun, conversational manner. They are full of resources and tips for seasoned and newly diagnosed families.

Reality check ☆☆☆☆☆ “To know one child with autism is to know one child with autism” I believe it is the same with families of children and adults with autism, every family is different; but these two ladies give the audience a very interesting point of view that many do not get to hear. As a professional who works with children and adults with autism daily, it is refreshing to hear mom’s moments to remind me to always take family dynamics into consideration when developing goals for my clients. Great work Brenda and Kristi, keep it up!