The Blondes

Before our serendipitous meeting in school car line hell a decade ago we SoFla rubias and accidental autism moms had no idea we were living parallel vidas locas. Together, we’re kicking butt and taking names with a little help from sunshine, wine, and #framily time. Does our bleach weaken our wit? Over our tanned bodies!

Disorderly Blondes Bench

Disorderly Blondes KristiMeet Kristi

Blessed with blonde wisps at birth (that are now maintained at a cost undisclosed to her husband), Kristi’s mane role is mama to two additional golden-haired beauties- one who just so happens to have autism. Born in the 305, raised in the 954, and training boys to be men in the 561, Kristi has proven not even Dave Barry can chase her from a Florida state-of-mind. In her infinite amount of spare time (insert maniacal laugh) she pours what’s left of her Vitamin D induced energy into Puzzle Peace Now, a non-profit she founded in 2009.  Finally, Kristi splits her ends between enjoying quality days in the sun with husband Tim and basking in the glow of her decade long friendship with bestie Brenda.


DB Season 2 BrendaMeet Brenda

Cuban born, Miami & Hialeah raised, and current Broward County resident (but still 305 all day), Brenda is Dylan (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Oliver’s (CHRNA7 duplication + Hypotonia + epilepsy) mami. In 2007, blogging about her life as a mom of two special needs kids as ASD QUEEN BEE was cheaper than therapy became a creative and therapeutic outlet. Six years later, she developed THE WHET PALETTE, a blog discussing her passion for food, wine, and travel. Brenda’s journey also includes an extensive background in interior design and dance. The perfect next step? Podcasting! Her colorful palette wouldn’t be complete without her husband Lawrence’s support and endless belly-laughs with the other rubia, Kristi.