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May 2020

Official Nominee for the 2020 Latin Podcast Awards

April 2020

Medium: Autism and Homeschooling in the Time of COVID-19

March 2020

Today Parenting Team: You asked, so I’ll tell you: I am not OK.

January 2020

Today Parenting Team: The Race to Crash My Autistic Son’s New Year’s Resolutions 

December 2019

Finding Cooper’s Voice: A Disorderly Night Before Christmas

The Autism Notebook Magazine: Surviving the Holidaze

November 2019

Buzzfeed: “There’s nothing special about my child with autism”

October 2019

Complex Child Magazine: Dear Jackson, Let’s Not Talk About Your Brother’s Autism 

September 2019

Official Media Partners of The Town of Miami Lakes Mayor’s Charity Gala benifiting their Special Needs Advisory Committee

August 2019

Voyage MIA Magazine

March 2019

Finding Cooper’s Voice: The Scarlet A(wareness) of Autism

January 2019

Las Caras del Autismo con Sofia LaChapelle Actualidad 1040AM Radio Show

September 2018

UNIVISION Noticias Autism Awareness

August 2018

Voyage MIA Magazine Kristi

July 2018

Voyage MIA Magazine  Brenda

April 2017

Puzzle Peace Now 5K Physiofit Studio Gym

November 2011

Living in Paradise Teaser Reel/ GTV Productions