…with Jason Miletsky of Exceptional Fitness Foundation

What a (mouth) workout from those three!

Muscles Isolated (Interview topics)

*the blondes trim the fat from boring questions

How EFF got started

Exercise is a life skill

The method to Jason’s madness

EFF’s partnership with the town of Davie, Florida

EFF’s intake process & cost

ASD behavior and crisis management

Swimming as exercise

Exceptional Athletes program

EFF’s brand new app

The “skinny” from this episode:

  • Baudhuin School The Mailman Segal Center’s Baudhuin Preschool, located on the main campus of Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida is an internationally recognized, model program for children with autism spectrum disorder; Jason got his start teaching here; Brenda’s son Oliver attended the preschool
  • community based instruction a natural setting where a student can work/practice a goal that will be used in the same setting or a similar setting when the student is an adult; Jason’s clients enjoy this perk in every workout (without even knowing it)
  • discrete trials a method of teaching that involves breaking skills down into smaller components and teaching those smaller sub-skills individually; Jason mentions discrete trials in order to point out that his program may break down more difficult skills into sub-skills, but the client will never know it #seamless
  • Exceptional Athletes a program in development at EFF; clients will work to learn sports fundamentals (tune in to hear all about it!); this smells a lot like a home run #impressive
  • pica an eating disorder characterized by a tendency to eat substances that provide no nutritive value such as dirt, grass, etc.; learn more about pica at the National Eating Disorders site
  • rucksacking the use of weighted backpacks as an exercise; pictured: Kristi and Brenda’s personal rucksacks
  • sportsmanskillsships Kristi-speak for sportsmanship skills (only when she is being recorded and plans to distribute said recording); #ugh
  • stair steppers used by Jason to help his client build kinesthetics, motor planning, grip strength, and cardio and so much more; Brenda wants to bring back the 80’s step class JUST so she can wear her hightop Reeboks and EG socks again
  • visual schedule / visual supports helpful tools for some individuals on the spectrum; can aid in reducing anxiety during transitions; can offer a sense of what will be expected and that there is a clear end; Jason uses visual schedules and supports for clients who are proven to benefit from them; pictured: some of EFF‘s visual supports
  • Wingate Oaks School a Broward County Public school for special needs individuals where Jason once worked; formerly an evaluation center the blondes both used to seek public school placement for their preschool-aged boys

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