On this episode the Blondes are “FALL”ing back, and ironically it’s rosé that helps keep their footing as they reflect upon high school homecoming, influencing, base running, and (sticker) swapping. Also, they see unicorns. Can this all be accomplished while remaining #onbrand? You’ll have to listen to find out!  

Autism Bites Supper Club BOO Lunch thank you THANK YOU Gatsby’s Joint for providing local families a SCARY YUMMY lunch that could NOT have been more #onbrand; order envy NOT necessary- get all the info you need on upcoming events and DO RSVP as space is always limited

galas Kristi needs to remind listeners that her comment about the blondes attending SO MANY GALAS was meant to be sarcastic; when the blondes attend a gala, you’ll know it #followthem #hirethem

Homecoming ¿Como?; Dylan doesn’t “get” Homecoming (any more than the rest of us); a loud band, screaming, cheering, competing, flying balls- what’s not to love?; Congratulations to Dylan for making court and absolutely cutting the rug irregardless!; J.R. loves a Homecoming food truck funnel cake; the moms are never happy: they are sad their kids can’t participate in HOCO in a “typical” way, yet find some way to still be melancholic about one that offers accommodations (please ignore these women)

If Kristi and Brenda were in charge of HOCO

La Fresa Francesa will set the scene of the crime as mama #disorderlytribe members celebrate a boozy brunch December 2019; RSVP ASAP; check out how “fresh” their “French” strawberries are (inside joke- you gotta listen); the blondes pay homage to La Fresa Francesa in poetry (required reading); @lafresafrancesa

Lisa Frank the genius sticker brand that kept the blondes busy as 5th graders; those and scratch and sniff PIZZA stickers tho…- take the girls BACK!

Brenda as a Lisa Frank sticker

#onbrand #enbrand Kristi thinks Brenda coined this term; let her

SUPER sibling Dr. Julia Harper refers to SUPER SIBLING as a phenomena certain siblings of ASD individuals experience. Kristi’s Jackson is SUPER, fo sho! Thank you Complex Child Magazine for Dear Jackson, Let’s Not Talk About Your Brother’s Autism

unicorns live in a realm run by Brenda, as she runs everything; #membershiphasitsprivileges #whatever

Unicorn Children’s Foundation  an international non-profit organization dedicated to children and young adults with developmental, communication, and learning disorders through education, awareness, and research so that they have every opportunity to lead productive and fulfilling lives; the fab, IMPORTANT organization who holds the Community Inclusion Awards, highlighting those doing the right thing in the ASD community, like checking email junkboxes #themoreyouknow

Vanilla Ice …ice baby; oh how the blondes danced to your music in the 90’s (not to mention a throwback concert or two); come DIY Kristi in the 561 (on or OFF Palm Beach) any time- word to your mother

YouTube the blondes can’t figure why their hour long videos wont upload instantaneously- the nerve; SUBSCRIBE anyway, there are so many surprises in store

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