As complete exhaustion has set in, the blondes recap their holiday 2019 happenings (for better or for worse) while refusing to work off of a script. Good thing they are their own bosses. Get ready for awful pronunciations, storytelling with memory loss, and CATastrophic interruptions.

Autism Bites Supper Club Moms Brunch @ La Fresa Francesa check out all of the incredibly generous sponsors who made this event a wild success; check Facebook and IG to experience the HEAT (thanks to @HialeahFD)

The Autism Notebook Magazine a local autism publication and family resource based in South Florida; the blondes were featured in December 2019 and their Surviving the Holi-Daze offered some great holiday survival tips for autism parents; check out all the tips on our IG page

Cheerleading the timely act of jumping up and down and screaming (in an organized fashion) in order to display affection for a particular team’s play(s); the act of waiting around for embarrassingly long periods of time creating a virtual slap in the face to those prepared to display affection for a particular team’s play(s); Maybe Dylan’s training will make him a perfect candidate to become a cheerleader for The Miami Dolphins… like his mommy.

daylight savings the only “savings” any of us partake in during the holidays; proved difficult on Dylan this year as he was confused as to what time he was “allowed” to leave his room.

Finding Cooper’s Voice our brave pal Kate’s blog about her life and raising a child with severe autism; she shares others’ stories and from time to time, even ours, including A Disorderly Night Before Christmas (not a creature was stimming!)

A Disorderly Night Before Christmas

Gardens Mall Santa the greatest man alive; GM Santa knows J.R. by name and saved Christmas this year by consoling J.R. on doggie photo day; yet another victim of J.R.’s Trolls 2 pose

millennium falcon not to be confused with millennial falcon; the ship J.R. and Kristi (kindof) piloted on the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride to the chagrin of those who paid a small fortune to cut the line (Disney’s Hollywood Studios); pictured: an exasperated Disney staff member telling Kristi to hurry and take the photo (in the only way Disney staff is allowed- nicely)

millionaires the blondes are unfortunately (unfortunately for the millionaires) surrounded; whether it be on Disney rides or at concerts, they are constantly being followed by them (hopefully on IG and hopefully with a desire to adopt)

sick Kristi recorded Episode 25 coming off of an awful cold likely transferred to her via Brenda’s texts concerning Oli’s sickness (and Dylan’s random puking); is anyone NOT sick this month?

Star Wars the most important, influential story of ALL TIME of which Brenda has ZERO knowledge; Kristi finds her lack of faith disturbing

Trolls 2, April 2020 J.R.’s latest obsession (and as long as Justin Timberlake is still involved, it’s ours too) causing him to form the “rock out” sign in every photo (unbeknownst to Kristi) from October 2019 to January 2020; stay tuned as the blondes plan to take the boys to the movie together (to highlight Autism Awareness, of course!)

yes means yes Dylan uses the term “yes” to mean: (1) just go away OR (2) I am emphatically agreeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; smart boy

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