Join a blonde threesome for an interview with autism author and fellow podcaster Laurie Hellmann. She just launched her first book: Welcome to My Life A Personal Parenting Journey Through Autism (available on Amazon). Laurie’s memoir is a raw, real, heart-wrenching glimpse into the day-to-day struggles caregivers of severely autistic individuals face. She champions her special needs teenager Skyler and his typical sibling like a pro with the help of ingenuity, a few great dance moves, and tons of love. 

Listen to the Episode Here (43:53)

Burning Questions

Tell us about the initial trigger that made you decide to write, HOW you made time to write, and HOW you found a way to get published? You know, ALL easy stuff. (4:00)

What is it about the Elmo Potty Time video that captivates our kids? Has Skylar ever met Elmo? [pardon Brenda’s singing] (8:39)

We are very curious about a few other things you highlight in your book, things other parents don’t think about, specifically the custom bed and door system (genius!), use of the Kool-Stride Special Needs Stroller (wow!), and cloth swim diaper (what does that entail?). (10:53)

How has Skylar been doing on the new (former DAN) protocol you decided to try? Also curious if it includes glutathione? (24:17)

We love the reminder in your book to “see the innocence” whenever a behavior is affecting we adults. There is so much truth to that. Can you expand on that a bit? (30:31)

I have to confess we are jealous you were able to find your way back to faith after having hatred for the “God only gives you what you can handle” phrase people love to throw around…but you have been able to be at peace with that now. Help us out here? (35:42)

We saw you recently went out on a date night! How did it go? Where did you go? Did Kendall [Skylar’s sibling who just received her permit] drive? (38:32)

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gorgeous images courtesy Laurie Hellman, Instagram

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