IG Follower (a.k.a. #disorderlytribe) questions (THANK YOU for your submissions and keep ’em comin’):

What can friends and family do to help support your special needs child?

What to say to inform family and friends of the autism diagnosis of your child?

What does your child’s teacher do that you can’t stand?

What would you want from teachers aside from academics?

What is the “roll” of wine in all of this? 😳🙄

  • 24:30 the amount of time it takes for the Disorderly Blondes to answer ONE of the five questions posed by our IG tribe; reads in minutes, not hours; don’t think hours is ever off the table
  • boppy a.k.a. Bobby Pillow; a.k.a “Kangaroo?” (Brenda and Kristi were grasping at straws); they meant to say Baby Bjorn; a contraption Kristi’s son J.R. tolerated for a total of 2.1 seconds; a means of holding your child when you need to poop at Whole Foods, supposibly (and yes, “supposibly” is purposely misspelled. Not sure why?  Please refer to this video, and thank you); a.k.a. the “poopy boppy.”
  • en / in / on the same word in English y en Español, no?; this may get us en trouble
  • Lisa Kristi’s friend, the duck (swan, actually) who (says she) appears to be the epitome of Zen, yet admits beneath the surface she is paddling for dear life; the ride or die friend who has no dog in this autism fight (just a cat); the friend who sat Kristi down (after knowing her for maybe 30 minutes) and apologetically (yet perfectly unapologetically) picked her brain for what seemed like hours re: autism and her life with J.R.; see appreciated; see friend for life; see #jtownbestie
  • organized as in “is this invitation for an organized kid party?” which usually is perceived as “you don’t look organized enough to throw a kid party, you useless mom” but really means “I won’t attend said party if my kid has to follow directions because if he does, he won’t, and WE will stand out like sore f-ing thumbs, causing me to immediately remove him and consequently I WIL cry the whole way home;” in the case of a POOL party this means “I ain’t getting my hair wet for nobody.”
  • owned a playgroup Wow, really? Bren OWNED a playgroup? How much coin did that set her back? The term may be started or even ran but if you need to, just WORK IT AND OWN IT!
  • Ricky Martin Brenda can’t believe our idol hasn’t been mentioned sooner; a bon-bon shaker; the object of our desire since Menudo (ca. 1980); the person whose fan club Bren OWNED #truestory; a doll whom Kristi can only seem to capture in photos but not video (usually as he embraces Brenda)- coincidence?; the reason why Kristi is no longer in charge of recording memories on film 🙁
  • roll vs. role not to be confused with 69 Boyz’ “Cotton candy, sweetie go, let me see the Tootsee Roll!;” a listener’s typo, not ours (NEVER!); The Disorderly Blondes suspect this listener is the same one who calls a cabana a cabanga and a bungalow a BANGalow; this person may or may not also be a show “sponsor” (so they’ll give HIM a pass)
  • Sofia LaChapelle @sofialachapelle; a member of our #disorderlytribe; 4x Emmy Award-nominated journalist (no biggie, right?); Telemundo51 newscaster; TV personality; mamá to two beautiful boys on the spectrum; founder of Un Paso A La Vez; activist; author; motivational speaker; radio show host of Caras del Autismo; a loyal friend; una chica increíble
  • school project dumb busy work often assigned to Brenda’s kid; almost always over kid’s head (because, um, autism); usually requires glitter; completed blindly by most other parents; a term that should NEVER be uttered in Brenda’s presence; you have been warned
  • take the pen a joke taken from Seinfeld S3 E3; an expression Kristi and her dad use in a daily conversation (that’s what she said)
  • teacher the person who either can either make or break moms like Kristi and Brenda’s day and potentially: spends more time with your kid than you do; spends weekends thinking about how she can better serve your kid; spends what’s left of his/her paycheck on stuff to make your kid’s experience better than it would with just school funds ($0); spends all his/her energy on your kid (not the only kid in the room) yet still has the patience of a saint; should spend a tad less time focusing on school projects (see school project)
  • wonderful yet another term Kristi struggles to remove from her vocabulary; normally used in a sarcastic tone at the dinner table i.e., “J.R. wants a phone so he can text his “girlfriends” (babysitters). WONDERFUL!”