Episode 19 is shaping up to be the blondes’ scariest episode yet, unless of course you aren’t afraid of the ghost in their machine (ugh, mic problems!). Poltergeists aside, the girls’ screams are 100% audible. Tune in to hear Brenda and Kristi conjure their Halloween horror stories from the dead while unearthing enough survival tips to make your ears bleed. Have no fear though- no listeners will be left behind to check the basement alone!

Our creepy chorus, to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller:

‘Cause we say trico,

Trico tri.

And no one’s gonna save you

From the bruja ’bout to strike.

You know it’s all tricos,

En el jalowin night,

Our tips will save your life 

Inside a killer, thriller ASD night!


¡No hay kandi tonight¡

MJ watching S2 E19 en el YouTube
  • bruja en español, witch; #believe
Jennifer Kent, former director of the California Department of Health Care Services
(Eleakis & Elder Photography)
  • Casa De Los Trucos or “house of tricks” established in Cuba in the 1920’s and emigrated to the famed S.W. 8th Street in the 1970s; standard school field trip for Spanish 1 students of the 954
photo credit: miami.racked.com
  • jalowin the holiday way scarier for an autism mom than any other; some halloweens have been happier than others for the blondes
  • Mr. Owl asks how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop; Brenda wonders if Kristi knows candy corn need not be eaten in one…two…THREE bites; how do you eat yours?; also, how candy corn tastes like crack cocaine, the world may never know
  • parade something Kristi’s J.R. does not love on any occasion yet Dylan ROCKS; honestly, do those things ever end?; why are we forced to parade in a circle?; Dylan please enlighten us
J.R.’s f*** this s*** face as girl with a “wtf is wrong with that kid?” face looks on in horror
  • Saturday Night “Live” Fever Soundtrack Kristi is so horrified a zombie ate Brenda’s brain, causing her to forget the name of the greatest song of all time (featured on the greatest album of all time) that she fails to hear Brenda name it the “Saturday Night Live Fever Soundtrack;” even more haunting- Kristi starts calling the album by the same name; #obsessed or #possessed?
  • Son of A Nutcracker refers to Brenda’s son Dylan’s exasperation over having to dress as a nutcracker for Halloween; after 16 years of medieval torture, he now “tolerates” her persistence
This is Dylan’s “I tolerate her” face
  • Spirit Halloween the friendly, temporary neighborhood Halloween store causing Kristi’s family to barely afford Christmas each year; store must be frequented at least 47 times in the 40 days it remains open; free entertainment for the fearless
  • Trico Tri the sign below translates to “child please, there is no candy to be had, therefore don’t even TRY trick or treating here (also: touch this door and chancletas will fly; no broom required)
photo credit: imgur.com

all giphs: credit giphy.com