The Disorderly Blondes’ husbands couldn’t wait to be guests on the podcast so they could ask the girls to “speak into the microphone.” Pull out your tissues as the blondes explore their daddy issues. Ready or not, here come Lawrence & Tim(o)!

Guest Bios

Lawrence P. husband to Brenda; Mr. Whet Palette; attorney; SUPERathlete; FIU alum (let’s just all go to FIU); autism advocate; daddy to Dylan and Oliver; #thatswhatshesaid #SUPERnegative #ALMOST50 #mrwetpilot

Tim V. a.k.a. Oh Timo, Timo (Tim + tio), and #wwtd; husband to Kristi; Mr. Puzzle Peace Now; attorney; mathlete; Gator; Rebel; lover; fighter; autism advocate; daddy to J.R. and Jackson; #pragmatic #donoharm #hoesbeforebros #notnostalgic

“Thanks for the mammaries.”



  • ABA therapy Applied Behavior Analysis; the one therapy the dads agree brought out the best in their boys; wait- the dads agreed on something?
  • advocates you’re looking at four of them if you’re listening to Episode 13; okay that made no sense; you know what the blondes mean; a realization that hit the blondes quicker than the liquor; #loudYproud
Is there such a thing as celebrating TOO MUCH
after recording our season finale? We say NO! #advocates
  • bell you may have heard a bell go off a few (or 50) times during lucky Episode 13; nobody is sure why the blondes or papis began to ring it; they may have been too drink to remember why (it does read COCKTAIL PLEASE, after all)
Lawrence is eyeing that bell!
  • birthdays nothing but a painful reminder, according to Lawrence, that none of us will be around forever to take care of our special needs children #truestory; a reason to go even more ga-ga over one another for an entire 24 hours (or birthday month), says the blondes
Am I 29 AGAIN this year?
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  • bleeping there is no seven second delay in podcasting!; the Disorderly Blondes’ editing team had a field day adding creative bleeps to drown out a few (or 50) f-bombs dropped during this episode
Guess whose desk dons an f-bomb figurine
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? the famous Eric Carle picture book upon which Kristi built her all time favorite memory of J.R.’s progress; does Timo poo-poo Kristi’s memories?; does a bear shit in the woods?
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  • #donoharm Tim’s mantra, until you piss him off?
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“My doctor says I’ve been swallowing a lot of aggression, along with a lot of pizzas.”

-John Candy, Stripes (1980)
  • duck Brenda and Larry have a pet duck squatter; Oliver loves to call him by his name (Duck); pet duck is sadly confined to their roof and gets NO cheese, to Oli’s chagrin
You can take a bird out of Hialeah,
but you can’t take the Hialeah out of the bird
  • infam(e?)ous a term Brenda still struggles to pronounce; fame, infamy, the blondes will take either at this point; message us
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  • National Jewish Health the very spot where The Vannattas got their lives back; treated J.R. for his raging eczema in 2006 which is now in remission; treated Kristi for her raging basket-case syndrome (for which there is no known cure)
  • so loud it’s nearly audible this is the Veuve Clicquot talking, not Kristi; this expression (which SO DOES make sense) describes the sound of Lawrence and Tim’s constant fist pumping which follows a dig on one of the blondes; #whateverBRO
Nothing but the best served here at
Disorderly Blondes Studios
  • sound effects the Disorderly Blondes have yet to master timing and volume level of sound effects used in their recordings; the blondes have concluded the use of sound effects make them laugh and that’s all that matters
  • Timo math a computation practiced and created by Tim; achieved by adding (1) to any number or situation in order to get a leg up; i.e., My genie gives me FOUR wishes
Tim’s calculator
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The blondes’ attempt to understand ANY math
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