Ben is ready to make a “move”!

Keep in time with the talented Audrey Amadeo by checking out Spectrum Dance Therapy. The best way to watch her lead her students to shake that groove thang? Via Instagram: @arts_for_autism.

Also, we dare you to get that catchy Go-Go’s tune out of your head while reading our always entertaining show notes. We got it!

Blonde Terms to Know

  • 5…6…7…8 drawing a blank here, says Kristi; are we counting or dancing?; English Majors should not be expected to know how to count; coño. The bloopers vault has all the takes it took to get this one in sync.
  • Autism Movement Therapy® (AMT) developed by Joanne Lara, M.A.; a form of therapy that combines a structured program of AMT, Music Therapy, Social Relational Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis; Audrey was trained by Joanne Lara in Los Angeles, California.
  • ay Dios mío LITERALLLLLLY means “oh my gawd” en Español; often used by The Disorderly Blondes when they are exasperated i.e., Ay Dios mío I ordered a drink ages ago; just where is that cabana boy? Also inspired by the intro to Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back. If you don’t know, now you know.
  • CARD Newsletter refers to UM NSU CARD‘s (Center for Autism and Related Disabilities) email newsletter y ay Dios mío is it chock-full of info for South Florida autism parents; sign up right on their website; YOUR state may have CARD too (but do not confuse it with Center for Autism and Related DISORDERS, an autism treatment company)
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  • down her alley for someone with so much rhythm, you’d think Brenda would know in from on, as well us and up from down; clearly she knows her right from left seeing dance is right up her alley; she’s soon to ask Kristi what’s up her a@@ with all this correcting; Kristi is totally down with that
  • esa es mi hija LITERALLLLLLY means “that’s my daughter” en Español; sadly neither of the Disorderly Blondes proudly boast a daughter (yet) but are willing to rent yours for the day; expect her to return with many shopping bags, glitter everything, and braided hair
  • Move Over Autism the most FUNomenal fun-raising fundraiser in the whole wide world sponsored by Kristi’s non-profit Puzzle Peace Now; happens every day of every April of every year; proceeds go directly into local autism family pockets; dale!