Blonde Highlights

It’s almost our 50th episode! ¡Coño! What better time to dish on some of the memorable moments of our SUPER popular autism parent podcast. We laugh; we cry (from laughing). Listen in as we toast our favorite guests and roast own own podcasting (and autism parenting) skills alike. Ha!

This episode was a fun one. Then again, when do best autism mom friends NOT have an absolute blast recording together? As usual, we used no real formula to determine which episodes of the past four seasons we highlight (not to be confused with our blonde highlight formula, only found in salons).

We may not have leaked any state secrets, but expect a glimpse of just how we manage to keep our podcast fresh and the jokes clean (-ish). What’s next for us? Listen to the very end!

The Episodes (Not to be confused with crying spells or autism mom meltdowns)

We have loved every second of recording, editing, and promoting the Disorderly Blondes Autism Podcast. Both the process and product have taught us immeasurable lessons. The people we have met over the course of four seasons have renewed our faith in humanity. We pray our blonde “ambition” has helped autism families half as much as this project has gifted us. Finally, we can’t “end” without thanking those who have supported our mostly uncut, unedited autism lives, otherwise known as los #amigoslocos.

Below you’ll find links to each episode we touched upon. Our infamous show notes accompany most of them, where you’ll spy episode specific behind-the-scenes scoop and other valuable nuggets. Stay tuned for our next blonde adventure!

2019 S1 E2 The D Word     Show Notes

2019 S1 E1 Welcome to Disorderly Blondes    Show Notes

2019 S1 E4 The Smoking Gun     Show Notes

2019 S1 E7 Flip the Script    Show Notes

2019 S1 E12 Going to Town (of Miami Lakes)    Show Notes

2019 S2 E22 Let’s Get Physical     Show Notes

2020 S3 E27 The Friendship Café       

2020 S3 E31 Autism Sibling, Uncensored Show Notes

2020 S3 E32 The Filicide of Alejandro: The Impact of Filicide on the Autism Community Show Notes

2021 S4 E42 Live Autism Podcast with the Disorderly Blondes and Friends

2021 S4 E44 Underestimated, An Autism Miracle with Ride or Die Dad J.B. Handley Show Notes

2021 S4 E46 Thomas A. McKean: A Fantastic Advocate for Autistics Show Notes

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