The Disorderly Blondes’ lives are a whirlwind! Add a hurricane, a call to 911, a new puppy and what do you get? You guessed it: squirrels! Just TRY to follow along with us as the blondes share what’s up (and what blows!).

  • 911 the emergency number best dialed using your home phone (rotary, if possible) but not before you’ve secured your bra and toothbrush, Bren; listen to S2 E 17 Whirls and Squirrels for details and call transcripts #pobreOli #pobreBren
At least Brenda’s pajamas coordinate with her night cap
  • Autism Bites Supper Club those in the blondes’ “club” (join them!) experience group dining hosted by local restaurants for a sensory friendly, family friendly, no-judgement-zone luncheon and connect with fellow parents whose plates are equally “full;” you may RSVP for the Boo! Brunch family Halloween event and Holiday Mom Brunch but you’d better hurry
Membership has its privileges!
Our pal Sharon’s son Ben enjoying time with his AOS counselor

Block Party the DJ Laz song reminding South Floridians that without it, there is no party (at least not in Hialeah there isn’t); the blondes’ inspiration for just about everything, including their own theme song porque …

Si tu pasas por mi casa…

Y tu vez a mi mujer…

Tu le dices que estoy en Hialeah… / Trabajando en factoría…

Por culpa de Fidel…

DJ Laz rocks us like a hurricane
  • doomsday” prepping Kristi prepares for hurricanes the only way she knows how: by duplicating everything she owns and fitting it neatly in a duffel bag a.ka. the “bugout” bag; “normal” autism parents be sure to have the following handy: extra chargers, (child) preferred foods/snacks, (Kristi freezes McDonald’s hamburgers LOL), (child) non-electronic reinforcers/ toys, and noise canceling headphones (for mom and child(ren)); click here for a tried and true social story about hurricanes
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  • Finding Dory aside from a few tree limbs, the only thing that landed in Kristi’s yard during hurricane Dorian was a rescue puppy; her name is Dory; the Vannattas are in love; say a prayer for them
This person does not feed nor walk nor pick up Dory poo
  • Hurricane Dorian the Category 5 hurricane South Florida dodged Labor Day weekend, 2019; unfortunately it devastated The Bahamas- please consider donating to The Red Cross via their page or by calling 1-800-435-7669
  • squirrels run the blondes’ world; just when one of them gets on a topic, the other changes it and then- hey look, a squirrel!
  • United in Autism the brainchild of clever speaker, writer, and autism advocate Julie Hornok; Julie featured the blondes in her “2 Autism Truths and 1 Lie” web series and, well, let’s just say the truth hurts
Two allegedly great liars recording with Julie
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