“Where words fail, music speaks.”

― Hans Christian Andersen

Blonde Highlights

Piano Therapy Plus is located in Davie, Florida and is run by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Mary-Debra Pawlowski. Miss Mary has worked with Brenda’s son Dylan for the past 5 years and he absolutely loves his piano lessons. Brenda speaks about her personal experiences with ABA piano therapy on Disorderly Blonde Autism Podcast’s Patreon page.

Miss Mary is an absolute delight and a great interview. She is also a blonde! Miss Mary was only at a loss for words when asked what she found the most challenging about her field of work. Her honest answer is likely in harmony with what most autism therapists are thinking. You won’t want to miss a note.

Inquiring Blondes

Here are some of the questions we blondes asked Mary a.k.a “Miss Mary”

Kristi: While at The University of Miami, you were a member of an autism-focused research team. Dylan, Oliver, and my J.R.’s typical sibling Jackson participated in several UM studies. Which was your assigned project? 

Brenda: Before we get into piano, tell us, were you born and raised in South Florida?

Kristi: Why did you choose to go into ABA?

Kristi: What led you to the idea of creating a piano-focused practice? And why piano specifically?

Brenda: Do you have a piano background?

Kristi: How did you recruit students initially?

Brenda: How does this style of therapy differ from a regular piano class?

Kristi: How young can a child be when starting?

Brenda: What are the benefits of piano therapy?

Kristi: How have you seen students change and transform throughout the years?

Brenda: What is the most challenging part of this job?

Kristi: What is the most rewarding?

Brenda: What are your goals and future plans for Piano Therapy Plus?

To contact Mary-Debra Pawlowski, M.S., BCBA, visit http://www.pianotherapyplus.com/.

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