No, you are NOT hallucinating. Although the Disorderly Blondes feel comfortable using legal jargon in their everyday lives (they object bad hair days), South Florida attorney Haley Moss UNPACKS volumes of knowledge not even Cosmopolitan (a.k.a. Elle Woods’ “Bible”) could provide. This is going to be just like senior year, only funner. Listen, bend, snap, and repeat!

Kristi and Haley find out Brenda is willing to teach them to properly flat iron!
Elle Woods: I have always respected redheads as members of a hair color minority.
Disorderly Blondes: We accept everyone who accepts us (not a task for the faint at heart!)
  • autistic vs. “with autism” vs. on the spectrum vs. blondeness vs. blondetistic …oh my!; you just gotta tune in…
  • autistic burnout see meltdowns
  • Camp Sherry the SUUUUPER COOL mommy camp Haley attended instead of boring-regular-ol-camp (unless it’s DB favorite Camp Giborim, of course!); a camp led by a girly girl, former fashion designer and cheerleader; sign us up, mom?
If Camp Sherry had a t-shirt, this would be it
  • echolalia the repeating of another person’s phrases or noises heard; individuals with autism may engage in this activity to communicate; is it really comforting for an autistic person to repeat a relatable script? Listen in!
  • executive functioning self management skills that can be challenging to autistics; examples from
  • Managing time
  • Organizing thoughts and materials
  • Paying attention
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Getting started (task initiation)
  • Staying on track
  • Remembering what to do and when to do it
  • Problem solving
  • Self-reflection
  • Managing emotions and impulses
  • Floortime (also known as DIRFloortime) therapy model developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and first outlined in 1979 in his book Intelligence and Adaptation;” a learn through “play” concept where a therapist (or parent, etc.) reaches a child at his own level and follows his lead
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  • Legally Blonde (2001) a tour de force; blonde sorority girl who mostly acts like an airhead (this is all too familiar) figures out there is more to her than just looks; features some of the best writing of all time:

Margot: Here, you’re gonna need this.

Elle: Your scrunchie?

Margot: My lucky scrunchie. It helped me pass Spanish.

Serena: You passed Spanish because you gave Professor Montoya a lap dance after the final.

Margot: Yeah…luckily!

Haley points to the cabana boy. Brenda flirts with cabana boy.
Kristi fears her six-pack may have bloated to a five-pack.
  • Mary & Max (2009) an animated comedy film; a tale of friendship between two unlikely pen pals: Mary, a lonely, eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne and Max, a forty-four-year old autistic man living in New York; mentioned by Haley- it’s officially on the Disorderly Blondes’ looooong watch list!
Talk to strangers? As if!
  • masking a “holding back” of autistic behaviors in order to “fit in”
  • meltdowns a result of “autistic burnout,” Haley experiences; tune in to learn how it affects her executive functioning
  • openly autistic a term that has been used to describe Haley; actually coined by her boss to help dismiss the fear of discrimination autistics may feel
  • Shit Miami Girls Say Haley is DOWN with the lingo! She may not be totally fluent in Spanish, irregardless her #SMGS terms are spot on. She is SUPER at it!
  • stims (short for stimming) self-stimulatory behavior; the repetition of physical movements, sounds, or words, or the repetitive movement of objects common in individuals on the autism spectrum; listen in to find out what Haley’s “stims” are; yes she stims!
  • UM University of Miami Haley’s law school of choice she happily attended in order to be closer to her parents (Brenda and I will just go to FIU).
  • we’ll see / it depends terms to know; either could mean “NO” depending on whether or not you were raised in Kristi’s house