Meet Toby Honsberger, EdD, BCBA-D and executive director of The Learning Academy at The Els Center for Excellence. He’s literallllly a genius (and a God to Kristi’s J.R.) when it comes to applying virtual reality technology to TLA’s curriculum. The Disorderly Blondes had a blast inducting yet another blonde guest into their #disorderlytribe. Interviewing Dr. Toby without cracking up was virtually impossible as Brenda and Kristi are literallllly dopes.

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Dr. Honsberger and Kristi’s J.R. smolder virtually

Blonde Terms To Know & Show Mentions

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  • cafecito a Cuban shot of expresso; vital to The Disorderly Blondes’ survival
image credit (duh)
  • exposure therapy a psychological treatment developed to help individuals confront their fears; VR can help people work through issues they have anxiety about (i.e., Brenda’s fear of dogs, housework, y pata sucias) by virtually placing them in these normally panic inducing situations
  • “H”oby “T”onsberger Kristi impresses Dr. Toby Honsberger by calling him by the wrong name the second the interview begins (wish her luck keeping J.R. in Dr. Toby’s program after this snafu); IMPORTANT TO KNOW seeing as it gives everyone incurable, 30 minute long giggles; the Disorderly Blondes may or may NOT edit out this clip destined for their blooper reel; Dr. Toby’s new alias and alter ego
Hoby Tonsberger, Marine Biologist
  • Honsberger Estate Winery v. Darioush The Disorderly Blondes plan to decide this battle while properly VR mapping these wineries for Google Earth (you’re welcome).
  • Kiss, Marry, Kill a forced question answer game (yikes); not to be confused with BTK, a notorious serial killer; Brenda, Toby, and Kristi’s initials combined; ¿coincidence?
  • La Ventanita The Miami Herald’s video series featuring local y famoso Miami chefs eating shit over café y pastelitos; oye y FYI gringos: la ventanita translates into “drive thru” in 561 English; Dr. Toby has been assigned the Pitbull episode- ¡dale y there will be un examen! Question #1: What is the name of Pitbull’s NEW Miami restaurant? Hmmm…
The Oculus Go was featured in Episode 10 A Few of our Favorite Things
  • pastelitos (not penicillin yet a cure-all) Cuban pastries filled with sweet or savory fillings; totally fat free; choose from guava, guava and cheese, beef, chicken, or ham. ¿Como se dice ADDICTING en español?
Vicky Bakery, oh how we love you
  • Prince Edward Island literallllly the furthest point from Hialeah, Florida on the world map; roughly the size of Delaware (as opposed to Hialeah which is roughly the size of Dolphin Mall); Dr. Toby’s hometown.
  • Tilt Brush by Google allows you to paint in space- whoa!; Brenda had a blast showing off her cursive penmanship; available for both VIVE and Oculus devices.
We paint PRETTY!

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