S4 E50 The Papis: Unmasked, Uncensored, & Unhinged

Ay Dios mio! NEW EPISODE. Are you ready for this one? The Papis are baaaaaaack and hosting our 50th episode! For the 3rd year in a row, the disorderly autism dads POSITIVELY let us know what’s on their BLEEP ing minds. Whether it be the BLEEP ing pandemic , BLEEP ing therapies, or their BLEEP… Read More

S4 E44 Underestimated, An Autism Miracle with Ride or Die Dad J.B. Handley

Autism dad, author, and activist J.B. Handley gets RAW as he raps with us about his new book Underestimated, An Autism Miracle. His lyrical journey into unlocking his non-speaker son Jamie’s voice using Spelling to Communicate(S2C) has we homies channeling Tupac.  East Coast-West Coast rivalries aside, listen in and get inspired by Changes. “Things will never be the same” for his notoriously strong kiddo, and maybe yours too.    Read More