Maria Jacobo is the lead voice at Help Adults with Autism Perform and Excel located in Weston, Florida and is a SUPER tuned in mom to an adult 😇 with autism.

Her all-volunteer organization works to provide adults on the spectrum meaningful employment. This talented troupe is dedicated to creating a harmonious dialogue to get everyone on the BANDwagon.

HAAPE, we think we love you! 💙

To the tune of The Partridge Family’s “C’mon Get Happy”

🌈 🎼🌈 🎼🌈 🎼🌈 🎼🌈 🎼🌈 🎼

Hello world our FIRST GUEST will have you singin’
C’mon Get HAAPE!
A whole lot of lovin’ is what she’ll be bringin’
Cuz she co-founded HAAPE
Because Maria Jacobo makes us HAPPY!

Mentions: selfie apps, Armani, Jovani, The Chocolate Spectrum, Canada, Cypress Bay High School (bigger than Canada) & Inclusion Films (California here we come!)


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