When our day bites

When the bleach stings

When our hair looks bad

We simply remember our favorite things

And then we don’t feel so HAD

Move over Oprah (and certainly Ariana Grande, pfft), cuz we’ll splurge on (and happily share) anything that makes our kids’ lives (okay who are we kidding?)- OUR LIVES easier!

Shout out to Ariana tho, cuz we don’t mean to brag, but we be like, “Put in in the bag,” when it comes to sanity products we feature in this season’s Favorite Things episode.


Our ideas are priceless, we know we’re the nicest

We knew you would like this, we must be psychic

You want it, we got it, you want it, we got it (yeah)

Thank you, next [but listen, share, shop, repeat]!

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